IndiaFest 2018

Indian Cuisine and its Diversity
India has an astounding diversity of religions, languages and cultures.  Food preparations are dependent on the locally available produce and influenced by cultural, traditional and religious factors.  The common thread that runs through these various cuisines is the creative use of spices for flavor and aroma.

The variance in terrain and the tropical climate explains the array of spices and raw food material available in India.  At various time points in history, local kings, Mughal emperors, the French, the Portuguese and the British, had ruled parts of India. This has influenced the cuisines to give it its unique characteristics.  With the vast variety in cuisine, it is hard not to find a dish that suits one’s palate.

Food for this event will be cooked by local Indian families who are really enthusiastic about presenting selected unique flavors of different regions of India to the people of Arkansas.  You certainly do not want to miss this opportunity to experience the tastes of India.  So come on down to the River Market with friends and family to enjoy a display of Indian culture and cuisine.

India is broadly divided into four regions: North, East, South and West.  Each region has a wide variety of cuisine.  It will be just a few more days before we come up with a mouth watering list of dishes available for this year's event.  We are sure you will not be disappointed.

All food items are available at a very reasonable price.  We want you to try various different items.  Tickets are available at the ticket counters on the day of the event.  However we advice you to buy the tickets in advance to avoid standing in long lines on the day of the event.